Staff journalism: Financial Times (2005 – 2014); The Australian (2000 – 2004); Australian Broadcasting Corporation (1998 – 2000).

Recent freelance journalism, guest posts & opeds:

What’s the damage (of that climate cost-benefit model)? FT Alphaville, 2018

The bigger questions about reef foundation’s $444m windfallSydney Morning Herald, 2018

Guardians of the Great Barrier ReefForeign Policy, 2017

Why IEA scenarios should be treated with extreme cautionFT Alphaville, 2017

The bank regulator is finally putting climate risk on the agenda for Australian companiesBusiness Insider, 2017

Companies are finally starting to think about what their business will look like in a 2C warmer world – but it may not be enoughBusiness Insider, 2017

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