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You can sign up here. I will expand some thoughts that I outline in my Bloomberg Green column and other stuff that doesn’t fit there, thoughts that are too long for Twitter threads – including this one about the incoherent ESG backlash + woke capitalism narrative. (A preview: it is in fact three different narratives; only one of which makes any sense.)

‘Uneven Channels’ in Phenomenal World

I wrote an essay on the interaction between private finance and climate diplomacy for Jain Family Institute’s excellent online journal, Phenomenal World.

It’s a topic that has been on my mind for the past couple of years, as I’ve been collaborating a little with experts and veterans of the UNFCCC scene, and seen the way that private finance has been centred in planning for COP26.

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Review of “The Carbon Club” for Foreign Policy

I reviewed Marian Wilkinson’s history of climate (in)action in Australia, which is particularly illuminating about the role the country has played in international climate negotiations. It’s a bigger role than I had assumed; both positive and negative, depending upon who was in government. It would have been better with some attention to the role of the corporate sector and mining interests; the political shenanigans are horrifying and absurd, but are not the full story.

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